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Satirifash: A fashion short for HUF Magazine. It looks at the fashion industry from a satirical standpoint.

Creative Direction and Set Design by Joseph Stephen
Styling by Carolina Zucchelli
Hair by Darren Agyei-Dua
Make up by Samantha Coles
Filmed and Edited by Nicolee Tsin

Figure and Ground: A collaboration with London Contemporary Dance School.
Screened at the Place, London, Dec 2015

Performed by Emma Farnell Watson, Fern Moutrie and Georgia Redgrave
Choreography by Leanne Vincent
Music by Saskia Horton
Filmed and Edited by Leanne Vincent, Nicolee Tsin, Sarina Pornnimit

Cheap Thrills: A short film about a bored boy spends his day in fantasy in the amusement arcades.

Shot on Bolex 16mm

Starring: Leo Tauroza, Laura Ninou, Maeve O'Brien

Filmed and Edited by Domi Baszko, Doga Memisoglu, Jess Kohl, Nicolee Tsin

The Cold Seat: A silent narrative portraying unresolved conflict at the dinner table.

Shot on Bolex 16mm

Starring: Sebastian Wadia
Filmed and Edited by Anh Nguyen, Nicolee Tsin, Sarina Pornnimit

Phenomenen in Perspective: A multiple screen projection and live music performance about ‘Perception through spaces and response. Response as a distortion of repetition.’

A collaboration with Guildhall School of Music and Barbican Centre
Performed at the Curious Festival, Rose Lipman Building, London, Jul 2016

Animation by Nicolee Tsin

Music Performed by Rodrigo Viterbo and Si Thom Rich
Digital Ver. Sound by Sam Nunez