Born and raised in Hong Kong, Nicolee is a London based writer and filmmaker who works across music videos, branded content, and narrative shorts. Her practice attempts to investigate notions of culture, identity, and experience unique to the underrepresented communities; fusing movements, electronic sounds, and intimate storytelling.

From the images and narrative she creates, whether it's rich colours, textures or nuances - she often borrows from her sensory memories of growing up in Hong Kong. Behind the skyscrapers, neon lit alleyways, and perfectly aligned pastel estates, there are stories and depths of griminess which she finds strangely charming, romantic, and reminiscent in her current work.

Her ambition is to change representation in front of and behind the camera; by bringing underrepresented communities to the forefront and mainstream, and bridging the East and West to celebrate cultural differences that connect us as a collective.

Selected Festivals/Exhibitions:
Recontemporary, Torino, Italy, 2020
The Bomb Art Factory Foundation and Baesianz present No Room Left in the Margins, London, UK, 2020
Seeyousound International Music Film Festival, Torino, Italy, 2019
La Guarimba International Film Festival, Amantea, Italy, 2019
Lush Film Festival - GiF (Girls in Film) Best of 2018, London, UK, 2018
Festival of Recorded Movement (F-O-R-M), Vancouver, Canada, 2018

Videoclip Italia
Booooooom TV
GiF (Girls in Film)
Hypebeast Magazine
EyeEm Magazine