A dance film created for Walk Forward: A Performance Event to Resist, Rebuild and Repair  in Rolling Bay Hall, Bainbridge Island, Washington.

The purpose of this event is to come together as a community and do something to break the persistent feelings of loss and hopelessness experienced as the result of our most recent presidential election. Everyone's heartbreak over the election return is coming from a different place. For many, it was not the "losing" of the election that was so painful; it was the potential loss of all we struggled to attain. We just spent 8 years saying and believing "Yes we can." And then November 9th, 2016 we were told very clearly: "No, you cannot."

Performed by Susie Browning
Choreography: Susie Browning

Filmed and Edited by Amy Dang
Sound by Sam Nunez
Camera Assistant and Lighting: Nicolee Tsin