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Trapped in the mundane Adventure Island, she translates the present moment  into unrelenting motion and an
expression of empowerment.

Concept by Nicolee Tsin and Leanne Vincent
Performance by Leanne Vincent
Cinematography by Nicolee Tsin
Sound by Dimitri Defossé

William Francis Green - FEEL DON’T THINK

Directed by William Francis Green
Shot and Edited by Nicolee Tsin
Premiered on HYPEBEAST
Special thanks to Ejder

Just Magazine - SUPERFLY HIGH

Creative Direction by Joseph Stephen
Shot and Edited by Nicolee Tsin
Styling by Kazami Ohsawa
Hair by Darren Agyei-Dua, Jason Goh
Make up by Samantha Coles, Grace Sinnott, Rebecca Davenport 


Starring Leo Tauroza, Laura Nunou Maeve O’Brien
Shot and Edited by  Jess Kohl, Doga Memisoglu, Domi Baszko and Nicolee Tsin